November 9, 2021

Travis Scott’s Astroworld: Experts talk potential financial implications for rapper, Live Nation


November 8, 2021 – Fox Business

At the Houston, Texas performance, eight people died in what authorities are calling a “mass casualty incident,” which saw more injured after a crowd surge while Scott was on stage. Scott has been forward about his intention to pay for funeral costs for those who died, but questions remain about what other financial liabilities he could face, as well as event promoter Live Nation.

“The venue could absolutely be on the hook for the most money if what is shown is negligence in securing and managing the venue without other willful or major contributing factors,” Rachel Fiset, managing partner of Zweiback, Fiset & Zalduendo who is not involved in the case, told FOX Business. “A lot will depend on the police investigation and what facts come out regarding any type of intentional acts by Scott, or anyone else.”

She added that if it’s found that Scott was acting “intentionally” to prompt the surge or if he’s found to have “committed a felony relating to security breaches and encouraging the crowd,” he would likely be the most responsible party under Texas law.

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