February 23, 2023


Criminal defense attorney Rachel Fiset, the co-founder and managing partner of Los Angeles-based firm Zweiback, Fiset & Zalduendo LLP, agreed that Kohrs did not break the law, but was walking a “very fine line.”

While Fiset opined that the Fulton County prosecutors were probably “disgusted” by Khors’ actions, she said it appeared “unlikely” she would be prosecuted for them.  

“The district attorney will not want to bring into focus any potential irregularities with her case moving forward – and, as this is all after the fact, it should not actually affect the recommendations of the grand jury,” Fiset added. “Instead, Kohrs appears to be giving valuable insight to anyone in the crosshairs of an indictment by naming witnesses and potential charges the D.A. may elect to bring.” 

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