April 29, 2022

J.J. BullockPosted: APR 28, 2022 / 08:29 PM CDT | Updated: APR 28, 2022 / 08:31 PM CDTjavascript:false

(NewsNation) — Hollywood star Olivia Wilde, known for co-starring in the Tron movies, was served custody papers in her split with Ted Lasso star Jason Sudeikis — while on stage at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

Wilde was on stage talking about her new movie “Don’t Worry Darling” when a confidential envelope was placed in front of her. Security did not attempt to stop the person from going on stage.

“This is for me right?” Wilde said. “Very mysterious. I am going to open it now because it feels like a script… O.K. got it, thank you.”

Inside the envelope were custody papers for her two children with Sudeikis.

“To protect the integrity of our studio partners and the talent, we will reevaluate our security protocols,” CinemaCon head Mitch Neuhauser told Variety. “We will act accordingly because it’s the right thing to do. We want to do the safe, proper thing.”

Attorney Rachel Fiset said Thursday on NewsNation’s “Prime” that the question of the incident isn’t exactly about the legality of being served on stage, but whether or not the person who delivered the papers was trespassing.

“Was it legal to serve her on stage? Yes,” Fiset said. “Service sometimes may require personal service and that is why they were trying to track her down, I guess, and they went to pretty great lengths to do this.”

Fiset said this type of thing often is arranged to happen lawyer to lawyer … if the lawyers are on speaking terms.

Other times, she said, the service can be done in person, “for affect.”

Sudeikis said in a statement he would never condone Wilde being served in that manner.

The two were engaged for seven years and had two children together. Wilde is reportedly romantically involved with her “Don’t Worry Darling” co-star Harry Styles, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Sudeikis is now dating his “Ted Lasso” co-star Keeley Hazell.

Wilde, 38, began her climb to fame appearing on the television show “House” and in Disney’s Tron movies.

Sudeikis, 46, got his start as a writer and cast member for “Saturday Night Live” which he was on from 2005-2013. He then starred in movies such as “We’re the Millers” and now is the lead in Apple’s hit show “Ted Lasso.”

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