December 1, 2022

Following Sullivan’s ruling, attorney Rachel Fiset, co-founder and managing partner of Zweiback, Fiset & Zalduendo law firm, has suggested that the former president could be at risk of being found liable in the defamation lawsuit if another judge agrees his comments are not protected by presidential immunity.

“Trump is continually attempting to hide behind the immunity offered to presidents acting in their official duties as president. In Trump’s very unusual presidency, however, he attempted acts that arguably exceed the boundaries of his official duties,” Fiset told Newsweek.

“For instance, seeking to overturn an election illegally and disenfranchise voters for his own gain can be found to go beyond official duties and cross into acts that are ‘purely political’ and therefore subject to liability as this ruling supports.

“Likewise, as defamation could be found to be outside the boundaries of ‘official duties,’ Trump risks liability in Ms. Carroll’s suit against him as well,” Fiset added.

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