February 1, 2023


Rachel Fiset, a criminal-defense attorney who founded Los Angeles-based Zweiback, Fiset & Zalduendo LLP, told Newsweek: “The investigation into Lake would be focused on any potential violations of state law that would have occurred as a result of her publishing voter signatures in a tweet attempting to demonstrate “election fraud” leading to her loss in her gubernatorial bid. Ironically, the tables would be turned on her as it relates to allegations of campaign fraud.

“The Court has already ruled she has no credible evidence of fraud, and now her continued claims could lead to sanctions for campaign violations,” Fiset said.

“Should she continue with these claims of uncredible fraud during an investigation into her own campaign violations, investigators may scrutinize her remarks and, depending on the circumstances, use them against her in their findings as to whether she violated the law.”

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