March 10, 2023

Speaking to Newsweek, Rachel Fiset, a Los Angeles-based criminal defense attorney and co-founder of Zweiback, Fiset & Zalduendo, said the number of investigations that Santos is now facing could make an indictment less likely.

Fiset said: “The allegations made against Santos regarding ATM fraud are fairly vague and are unlikely to amount to charges against him. It appears the actions upon which they are based are from 2017 and potentially outside of the statute of limitations. This is, however, another fraudulent scheme for which he has been implicated.

“The various allegations of fraudulent and criminal activity against him come from several different jurisdictions and can make the investigations into Santos’ potentially criminal activity less coordinated, which can make actual indictments less likely,” Fiset added. “At this point, the real question is what Congress will do as these and other allegations relating to illegal conduct continue to mount.”

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