February 22, 2023


Following Buster Murdaugh’s testimony, criminal defense attorney Rachel Fiset, managing partner of Los Angeles-based Zweiback, Fiset & Zalduendo, spoke to┬áNewsweek.

She noted that Buster Murdaugh likely did not offer much by way of new information but may have allowed his father to receive some sympathy from the jury.

“Buster’s testimony attempted to establish the Murdaugh family as a communicative and loving family. He established the family’s normal communication patterns as multiple texts in a day and having a general awareness of each other’s whereabouts,” she told┬áNewsweek.

“He also elaborated on a family celebration when the family was together just two weeks prior to the murders. The defense attorneys methodically took Buster through the night of the murders in a manner that allowed Buster’s interpretation of his father’s innocence and shock to be displayed to the jury through his eyes.

“Alex Murdaugh watched proudly as his son testified and appeared to be pleased with his testimony. At times, Alex Murdaugh became emotional throughout the testimony.

“Substantively, Buster did not offer much to the jury as he was not a witness to the crime but he did provide his insights to the time period just before the crime and the days after the murders when he lost his mother, brother and then his grandfather just days later. All told, Buster likely garnered some sympathy for him and his family for the harsh and sudden losses they suffered sequentially.”

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