August 17, 2023

Rachel Fiset, a managing partner at Zweiback, Fiset & Zalduendo LLP, joins “Newsweek” to discuss Kohberger’s defense team casting doubt on DNA Evidence to confuse the jury.

Criminal Defense attorney Rachel Fiset, managing partner of Los Angeles-based Zweiback, Fiset & Zalduendo, spoke to Newsweek and said the defense hopes to “confuses the jury regarding the issue of DNA science” and its reliability in this case.

“The defense is doing what they can to discredit the DNA evidence that puts Kohberger at the scene of the crime,” Fiset said.

“Casting doubt on the methodology used to collect the DNA, as well as the reliability of the DNA evidence, is the best manner they have to do this.

“The defense expert will likely testify to the jury regarding the potential of less reliable results when tracing genealogy through DNA as opposed to direct DNA sampling. The prosecution, however, will obtain a competing expert to debunk the defense expert’s opinion.

“The best-case scenario for the defense is that the expert testimony on each side confuses the jury regarding the issue of DNA science such that the confusion raises some doubt regarding the damning DNA evidence against Kohberger.”

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