November 23, 2022

Rachel Fiset, managing partner of Zweiback, Fiset & Zalduendo LLP, also gave her expert opinion on the situation.

“After Kanye skipped this deposition, they’ve given him one more date to appear. If he doesn’t, he may face sanctions during their upcoming trial, such as a fine or a monetary award to Ms. Kardashian, and/or he may have the facts which they were trying to uncover during the deposition change into admissions against him,” she said.

“Avoiding a deposition in litigation is treated seriously by the judge, particularly when it is a repeated offense.

“If he is trying to avoid giving information that would hurt his case by skipping a deposition, a judge might automatically determine that the bad information is a fact inside of the trial, because he was uncooperative.

“In severe instances, it can be contempt, which can either be civil or criminal as determined by the judge. 

“Overall, this can hurt his case. In the most severe instance, the judge can rule against him and he could get a lesser custody award and a less favorable monetary disposition.

“But more likely, the judge will simply determine that the facts Kim Kardashian alleges are true, and not give him the chance to defend himself.”

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