November 5, 2021

November 5, 2021 – Yahoo News

“‘Rust’ Shooting: Alec Baldwin is ‘hurting himself in unimaginable ways,’ says crisis PR expert”

Various experts weigh in on Alec Baldwin's handling of Rust shooting.
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It’s been two weeks since Halyna Hutchins was killed on the set of Rust, and there are still questions about how such a tragedy occurred. Alec Baldwin, star and producer of the Western indie film, fired a gun during rehearsal that contained a live round. The actor initially issued a statement saying that he had “no words to convey my shock and sadness” about the accident. Baldwin’s remarks about the tragedy have been sparse, but telling, since Oct. 21, the day of the events.

According to crisis and PR expert Eric Schiffer, Baldwin “broke the essential rules of managing a crisis: don’t do any further damage.”

…One legal expert agrees that Baldwin is not helping himself by “trying to control the narrative of this case.”

“While it is very difficult to sit back while involved in an active investigation, he would be best served to stop speaking directly about it and stop reposting,” says white collar criminal defense attorney Rachel Fiset, managing partner of LA-based law firm Zweiback, Fiset & Zalduendo. “It does not help his case and it makes any helpful message he reposts look biased towards him or planned, which makes potentially helpful information less credible to law enforcement.”

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